Since signing a then record 13 year

Janice, a regular reader of this blog, offered me some advice after reading my post about how I struggled most of Sunday to come up with a pleasing shawl design for the prayer shawl swap on Ravelry. She suggested I take the Tahaki Charles Torino yarn and make a leaf panel with the lighter weight balls, and use the heavier weight yarn for a different texture. It a good idea, Janice, and I may do that at some point, but I got my leaf shawl going in Malabrigo now, and I like it.

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While stuck at home to weather the COVID 19 pandemic, we need outlets to satisfy the adrenaline deficit from the sports we’re missing. Whether that’s binging forgotten footage online or using Google Earth to scout new trails, staying sane while idle is not easy. Stomp Sessions can help.

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“That was great,” Burrough shouts above the noise. Since signing a then record 13 year, $330 million contract with the division rival Philadelphia Phillies, has just struck out. Max Scherzer is on the mound. Take care that your hands and feet are not touching each other. Place your legs in full contact with the ground and make sure they create a right angle to form a square between two legs, floor and the chair on which you are being seated. If you are lying instead of sitting, then you must ensure that both of your legs are not crossing or even touching each other and your hands lie gently by your sides.