DGVox Beacon – Utilities and Transportation

DGVox Beacon – Utilities and Transportation

DGVox Features:

The DGVox’s rugged and scalable hardware is specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of Government, Defense and Security Agencies. It ensures unmatched performance even in extreme operational environments and its user-friendly software interface is ideal for continuous monitoring and accurate reporting of security enforcement practices.

The DGVox is a multi-platform voice logger specially designed to adhere to the stringent norms of the ITeS industry. It also offers Agent Quality Monitoring and Screen Capture options. The web-based interface allows remote management capabilities with access to Agent Activity logs for thorough and accurate audit and evaluation.

The DGVox is a secure and reliable voice logger designed to meet the stringent legal and transactional needs of the banking and finance industry. It ensures unmatched performance with web-enabled centralized monitoring capability, and offers a choice of compression rates to ensure secure, fast and reliable storage and retrieval.

The DGVox Beacon is a voice logger uniquely designed to meet time-bound reliability, security and precision requirements for the utilities and transportation industries. It ensures unmatched performance in different operational environments, and offers a wide choice of compression options to ensure secure, fast and reliable tracking. The Beacon is designed for use in utilities like large power plants to mobile units like locomotives and trucks.

Key Features

  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Web-based solution
  • Rugged Design for year round operation
  • Voice Encryption
  • Multiple options for Archive and Storage
  • Scheduled Recording
  • Live Monitoring
  • Screen Capture Module
  • Agent ID Tracking
  • Centralized Monitoring with Web-enabled Remote Administration
  • Interoperability with Avaya, Cisco and others
  • Intelligent Search and Playback
  • Secure Access, Audit Trail & Tamper Warning
  • Alarms & Alerts
  • Scheduled Archiving
  • Record on Demand
  • AQM – Agent Quality Monitor
  • Department Project and Task based Grouping
  • Customer Identification and Authentication
  • Integration with Applications and Databases
  • Open APIs for Seamless Integration

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