What is Ecommerce?

Essentially, eCommerce (or electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods (or services) on the internet.

Web marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing or online marketing; all of these words are synonymously used for E-Marketing. What it means is the marketing of products or services by using the internet. E-mails and wireless marketing also fall into the category of e-marketing.

Most businesses with an ecommerce presence use an ecommerce store and/or an ecommerce platform to conduct both online marketing and sales activities and to oversee logistics and fulfillment.

Types of E-Marketing


When we talk about digital and email marketing, then there are different type and methods of e-marketing which are as follows;

APP Consol

Hidden Brains offers custom PHP Web Application Development Services to build an app using the latest PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, and CakePHP. As a leading PHP Development company, we offer expertise in developing scalable apps, as well as APIs.

  • UI Beyond Templates

    Build user interface as per your choice, preferences and need without being confined to the template based design.

  • Integration of Data APIs

    Integrate data APIs as per your app logic and bind them variables to screen controls immediately.

  • Offline Apps with SQLite Storage

    Build apps that store information on the device and keep them secure without the need of Internet connectivity.

  • Develop Apps in the Cloud

    Design UI and develop logic for the app right in the browser using Configure.IT, eliminating the need of SDK.


Our team provides Open Source technology consulting, development & advisory services to deliver a compelling value proposition customized to meet industry and technology needs. We specialize in Open Source ecommerce development, open source CMS development, Open Source solutions and more. We provide end-to-end services right from user interface and experience (UI / UX) design, customizations and more.

  • Standard Database Design

    Develop a database for mobile app with unified standards for easy interpretation including types, naming and validations.

  • Database Hosting

    Configure.IT cloud allows hosting of database with proper integration between live and production environment.

  • Existing Database Compatibility

    Use your existing database by importing the structure along with an option to include data as well as import .SQL from remote server.

  • Smart Data Types & Validations

    Develop simultaneously for iOS and Android platforms complementing the powerful sync between the platform.

API Builder

As a leading Node.js development company, Hidden Brains provides efficient & scalable services in NodeJS, an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code server-side. Our Node.js services include a wide range from Node.js API Development and Integration to Custom Node.js Application Development.

  • Model-based API Design

    Integrated database objects defining the logic of data models for a fast model-based API design.

  • Visual Query Builder

    Configure.IT eliminates complex syntax by allowing designing your database query with modular query builder.

  • Add your own Code

    Allow addition of a function to your project library to write your own piece of code and insert a step to call it.

  • Service Specific APIs

    Create APIs for smaller functions to enable easy decoupling of business logic and reuse whenever needed.

Data Panel

This is an admin panel or CMS interface that allows in the development of user-friendly and innovative business apps.

  • Module-driven Approach

    Create functional modules with the effective combination of different entities and custom interfaces.

  • Relational Modules

    Build inter-related modules that are well connected with each other by interlinking different data points.

  • Re-use Copy-Modules

    Configure.IT allows defining modules once and reusing or copying them everywhere across different projects.

  • Create Visual Dashboards

    Design dashboard that gives a complete summary of information per module as charts, pivot or tables.

E-Marketing Advantages

Instant Response


Less Risky

Greater Data Collection

Way to Personalized Marketing

Greater Exposure of your Product


Hospital task management solution specifically helps Doctors to manage patients, assign task to Nurses and Labs.

E-Marketing Advantages

This specific solution focuses solely on management and asset tracking on Medical equipment which hospital staff is using.

Integration with
3rd Party API/Software

  • CRMs
  • Payment
  • Encrypted Chat Tool integration

Disadvantages of E-Marketing

Electronic Medical Records Management

EMRs help diagnose and treat patients by looking at their history and comparing their health data, replacing paper records.

Electronic Health Record Management

This specific solution focuses solely on management and asset tracking on Medical equipment which hospital staff is using.

Emerging Technology Solutions

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