Radio and Telecom Networks

Radio and Telecom Networks

Radio Networks:
Timna has been designing and implementing Radio communication networks in HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave bands across Saudi Arabia for more than 25 years. Timna is an authorized partner for EADS, Selex Tetra and TAIT brands.

Timna offer the following entire range of services required for the implementation a Private Radio Network.

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Procurement and supply
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training and support
  • Operations and maintenance

Radio solutions are designed and engineered to provide adequate area coverage for a user system and also provide total solutions for wireless voice, paging and data communications, utilizing internationally renowned brands like Tait, Motorola, Selex, Zetron, and Skymasts

Timna undertakes projects in:

  • P 25 Digital Systems
  • MPT 1327 Systems
  • Analogue Conventional Systems

Timna handles Radio communications (in plants, pipelines, and police and emergency services) and corporate internal communications, while ensuring coverage at all locations (safety and security).

Timna’s dedicated team of project managers, engineers and technicians effectively plan and execute these systems to ascertain peak performance. Rapid project completion, ability to provide a whole range of ancillary services and quality post install support has been the characteristics which endeared Timna to its customers.

Mack Telecom Acquisition
Recent foray into the mobile telephone network engineering area through the group’s acquisition of the Indian Telecom firm Mack Telecom has added significant strength to Timna. Mack Telecom’s large pool of telecom engineers and technicians will now be available for Timna’s expansion programs. Timna has also ventures into Telecom network engineering area where is plans to leverage the association with Macktel.

Partners in Radio field

  • Tait
  • EADS Tetra
  • Motorola
  • Kenwood
  • Skymast
  • Zetron

Radio Projects Undertaken

  • SWCC Western Region plants along Red Sea Coast
  • SWCC Water Transmission Systems: Yanbu-Madina (YMWTS), Shoiba-Taif (MTTS), Shuqaiq-Abha (AWTS)
  • SABIC’s Hadeed Plant
  • SWCC’s Jeddah plant
  • Saudi Electric Company
  • King Abdulaziz Center for Science & Technology (KACST)
  • Telephone Cabling Network to SWCC-Jubail Housing Compound

Telecom Services

Mobile Networks

GSM & CDMA Infrastructure

Timna has the capability to handle the complete project on turnkey basis by virtue of our knowledge, skills, resources and experience. We are geared up to take on and provide total project management services. Having worked closely with multinational equipment vendors on several fronts, as well as service providers we have established a good rapport and we believe that it will help us better our performance and quality.

Our project management services cover planning, implementation and monitoring of logistics management, materials sourcing and delivery to site, construction, Civil, structural and electrical building services like – power, air conditioning, communication tower, structural engineering, base station build and roll-out. You can turn to Timna for a service as extensive as you require and can concentrate your time and efforts on core areas of your business in the knowledge that we will be concentrating our efforts on meeting your needs. Our project support team is dedicated and work in tandem with your team ensuring smooth and timely execution.

Network construction operation is tightly coordinated by an experienced project management team. This team understands the factors that are important to the customers they deal with – namely a cost effective service of the highest quality, delivered within set time scales. Our expertise in project management means that you can feel confident in handing over turnkey projects. From sourcing of materials for to a total turnkey service, MackTel will co-ordinate entire network build projects.