All too often, I see the violent rip, shred and

Another study also found that piperine can improve the insulin sensitivity of overweight people after eight weeks of supplementation. In particular, studies have found that black pepper can decrease bad LDL cholesterol in rats fed a high fat diet. When combined with turmeric and red yeast rice, piperine boosts the absorption of their cholesterol lowering components, thus enhancing their positive effects.(Related:Combine turmeric and black pepper to boost health benefits of curcumin.)Black pepper is a versatile spice and food ingredient that offers plenty of health benefits.

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I really, really love critter watching. Sometimes I see warm and loving moments, sometimes I see critter parents having the same frustration we humans do with our youngsters. All too often, I see the violent rip, shred and devour behavior of the natural order, but sometimes it is pure fun, playfulness and humor..

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