Also improving on the second day

My wife is petting me here so anything might come out as my fingers miss the keys. We have been married 59 years and she is spending her last years with Alzheimer’s Disease. She had forgot how to do most things but she still tells me she loves me every day.

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In these times of adversity you need to allow others to help. You will have friends and family offer to help. Do not turn down these offers of help because most people wouldn’t offer the help if there weren’t concerned for you. Juniors Hannah Suh and Carly Childs both showed promise despite finishing 28th and 37th, respectively. Suh (72 80 73 = 225, +9) was able to jump up 18 spots in the third round after having a rough second half of her first day. Also improving on the second day, Childs (77 78 72 = 227, +11) shot par in her final round, a huge jump from her previous scores..

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