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Double chance betting: One of my favorite betting props is double chance betting. If you are particularly interested in betting a fighter who is also a submission specialist facing another fighter with terrible defense, you might take the favorite to win by submission and points. If he doesn win by submission, but wins on points, or vice versa, you still win..

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And while Nielsen Racing, whose drivers include Midlothian’s Colin Noble, is in lockdown, team boss David Thompson is fundraising for NHS charities. He said: “Those on the front line are going above and beyond to save people. They are not giving up and that is the same mentality I drill into the team.”.

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Many restaurants and food apps are offering contact free delivery. Why not send some comfort food to a friend in self quarantine, with dishes from a locally owned restaurant? Pick the dish as a family. Or, send some coffee and pastries for health workers at a hospital or seniors home.

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