And he did,” Glenn coach Jeff Hartt told The Bay

Taught me to say less and do more keep your mouth shut and your feet moving, Vavra said. How he made the Dinos as an undersized, very average speed running back who became the stalwart of our offence. And he did the same in the pros he converted from a running back at 170 lb.

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They could still win the division IF their loss is to the Chargers (while beating the Packers and Bears) AND the Packers lose one of their other two games to the Bears or Lions (or, much more remotely, if the Vikings beat the Chargers and Packers but lose to the Bears, while Green Bay goes 0 3 down the stretch). The more plausible first scenario would put both the Vikings and Packers at 11 5, and it would come down to the fourth tiebreaker (conference record) which would go to the Vikings. Minnesota would almost certainly be the No.

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