As much as some try, they cannot conceal the

Put differently, very few Guyanese have the time, the interest, the care, for national harmony at this time. As much as some try, they cannot conceal the impatience with and distaste for such a call, and at those who utter them, no matter how genuine or well intentioned. At this time, no; at other times, there is the sweeping hypocrisy of: all of us are one.

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The bank managers have an incentive to make loans even to dubious projects since bad loans will likely only be recognised as such in the medium and long run (in the meantime managers have already received bonus from the making of such deals). The clients who receive the loans also have an incentive to go ahead with a dubious investment since if it proves disappointing they will not have to fully repay the loan. This explains why so much capital was diverted to the housing market.

The Phillies own at least part of each of its minor league affiliates except for the Crosscutters, which is owned principally by Peter Freund and his group Trinity Sports Holdings. And if four becomes the magic number for minor league affiliates, that would leave Lehigh Valley as the Phillies AAA team, Reading at AA, Clearwater at High A and Lakewood at Low A. The Phillies have ownership stakes in all four teams..

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