Charlotte was a start up program under the direction

The parents, co chairwomen of their school parents grad committee, are helping to organize a grad ceremony at their children school June 15 that will see the usual dinner and dance for grads cancelled due to the social distancing health directives.Kids at the school will have a ceremony but they only be allowing 10 to 30 students in the school at a time while they walk across the stage, everybody distanced from one another before receiving their diploma and a handshake from the school principal.The ceremony is expected to take much of the day and the parents, who won be allowed inside the school to see their children graduate, will be out in the parking lot to greet the kids after they get their diplomas. The ceremony will be recorded by a photography company producing a video of the proceedings.just thought it would be something nice to have for them since a lot of things are being taken away, said Saito. Would like to get as much community support as possible, provincial support.

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