Dixon says that Evans, a Kentucky native, scored

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wholesale jerseys William Demont ‘Happy’ Cheap Jerseys from china Evans Jr Meghan’s great great uncle played for the prestigious Homestead Grays in the American Negro League, the Negro National League, and independent leagues for black players when US baseball was segregated.Known for having one of the strongest throwing arms in baseball, Evans helped the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based Grays win eastern championships in 1930 and 1931 the equivalent, say historians of winning the Negro World Series, as none took place in those years.Evans’ other nickname was ‘The Gray Ghost’, because of his foot speed and good play as an outfielder.Evans, a Kentucky native, played in the segregated Negro Leagues between 1920 and 1937, a decade before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier for African American players in Major League Baseball.He played alongside some of the most famous players in the Negro Leagues, including Hall of Famers Josh Gibson and Oscar Charleston with the Grays.Her great great aunt was a pioneering figure in her own right, working as a maid and a cook when she was forced by financial hardship to drop out of college in Tennessee, but then forging a successful career in Los Angeles as a realtor which saw her endow her local community with a swimming pool.Evans left her Los Angeles home to her nephew Alvin when he died, and in turn he left it to Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mom, and she continues to live there.Known for having one of the strongest throwing arms in baseball, Evans helped the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based Grays win eastern championships in 1930 and 1931, years when there was no Negro World Series taking place. Dixon says that Evans, a Kentucky native, scored over 70 runsmore videos1 2 3Watch video Ice Cube reveals Mr Rogers SUED him in 1990 for a song he wroteWatch video Man and pet donkey cry as they reunite after lockdown separationWatch video Ghislaine Maxwell introduced Epstein to Prince AndrewWatch video Black FedEx drivers are confronted by white customer while workingWatch video Dramatic moment car crashes through a fence and into a poolWatch video Miley https://www.maxnflshop.com Cyrus seductively wholesale jerseys walks down outdoor steps in bikiniWatch video Eva Longoria celebrates wedding anniversary as baby son dancesWatch video Inventors create automatic washer for supermarket trolliesIt may be Markle’s link to athletic success which is most surprising, however and one which highlights the struggle of her African American ancestors against racism and segregation.Evans was part of a team which at the time was hailed for its dominance. In a 1936 Pittsburgh Courier article the write said he ‘considers the 1931 Homestead Grays the strongest club the Grays ever assembled and the strongest club of modern Negro baseball as far back as we can remember’.It also said: ‘Much of the credit due this club of 1931 can be given to Bill Evans and George Britt wholesale jerseys.