He went through an extensive application process for

Really excited to be able to do it at a really high level, Cave said. Have a feeling that the group of baseball players in St. George are going to be really talented. Parents spraying their kids with suntan lotion, couples lounging on towels. No masks, but no groups on top of each other, either. The town made infamous by MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is enforcing strict social distancing on its beaches, including banning sitting and standing.

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The owner of the first transitional housing he arrived at changed the locks after he showed her the paperwork for his emotional support animal. They had to sleep that night in the car. He went through an extensive application process for a program that would have given him housing rent free for two years to help him get back on his feet, but having the Corgi with him proved a sticking point..

“I went ahead and told the students yesterday,” he added. “I think they loved it and I know a lot of our faculty and staff also want to try to recreate something via GPS. I’m really just excited that it’s become another way for people to safely get out there, exercise, and create some type of community around MIT students and staff.

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