If at some point there is any negotiation to be had

The soonest an player has been drafted is with the No. 2 pick, where the Los Angeles Clippers took Antonio McDyess in 1995. The Los Angeles Lakers drafted Danny Dixon in the fifth round in 1983 after he led NCAA Division II with a scoring average of 32.6 points per game.

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1. Wolves will have their pick of either Okafor of Duke or Karl Anthony Towns of Kentucky after they won the draft lottery for the first time in franchise history on Tuesday. The Los Angeles Lakers have the second pick.. “Additionally, while ideas regarding games without fans or in neutral sites have been floated, nothing is even close to being put in place. It makes little sense to even attempt to negotiate around such hypotheticals at this point. If at some point there is any negotiation to be had, our leadership from the association will be ready to handle it, he wrote..

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