It really comes down to knowing what the trade offs

In March, an explosion at another business nearby left three people injured. Witnesses said there was a loud “boom” and fireball at 743 Kohler St. The blast sent a plume of black smoke hundreds of feet into the air that could be seen for miles. Elwood and his wife, Anne, had no children and were travelers who visited such places as Egypt, China, India and Scandinavia from 1910 till World War II, said Anne Peconie, the museum executive director. Traveled everywhere. Weren wealthy but were frugal, she said.

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At one time, I could see the use for gift bags as limited to maybe one or two occasions. Even I admit it’s kind of ridiculous to try and gift wrap a champagne bottle for the host. Etiquette and practicality suggests a purpose made decorative bag is just the thing for the casual exchange..

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