Little Richard knew his power

Attached please find a petition calling for the reinstatement of Don Rosenberg. So far, this petition has only been posted on the Baltimore Sun website, so very few people in Cleveland know about it. Nevertheless, of the people who happened to see the Baltimore blog posting about the petition, 27 have contacted us and indicated their wish to be signators.

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Cheap Jerseys china But Oakland would go through over Pittsburgh on the strength of victory (the record of all the teams they defeated that season) and Indianapolis after its win in Week 4, while the Colts would eliminate Tennessee with a better divisional record.If all these games come off with the complicated tiebreaking results, it would be the second time since 2003 the team have made the post season.not sugar coat it, we been through a lot. To say we are still playing in Week 17 for something, that unbelievable, Carr thought we would be playing for the playoffs. Let just keep it real.Carr said it was good to have a second chance at goodbye after he was booed off the ground last week.kept saying last week was our last home game, it wasn Carr said.time we come here it is a home game Cheap Jerseys china.