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Lombardo: This is unquestionably the strongest position group on the Giants’ roster, highlighted by Lawrence’s superstar potential, if he can build on a dominant rookie season. Leonard Williams emerging as a pass rusher in addition to being an effective run stuffer will be key. The Jets have a centerpiece in Quinnen Williams, but also plenty of question marks around him.

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Great thing is Cory (has a) background very similar to mine from that standpoint and obviously expanded knowledge from the different places that he coached, Patricia said. He been in this league for a long time. He an experienced coach and he really is a guy that rolls with the punches very well (with) kind of the different things we dealing with here.

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Another key for the Vikings is the addition of Willie Shaw to the defensive coaching staff. Everywhere he has coached, he has been the master of creating turnovers. Shaw can teach average personnel to be special.. During a time when the USA is on the verge of another word war with the Middle East The referees have made the front pages of most of our major newspapers and services, and have dominated talk shows daily. What a lesson on priorities in this country. During an election year, when the race is so close and there is so much at stake in our country, again, this topic has dominated our news.

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