MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred said in a statement

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping You will immediately find many viable options to give to your loved one. In fact there will be so many viable options to choose from your head will explode. But just take it easy and relax and just pick one of those viable options. “His positive contributions to the sport will forever be realized by baseball fans everywhere. He will be missed throughout the game and honored forever at the Hall of Fame,” said Jane Forbes Clark, chairman of the Board of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred said in a statement that Kaline was one of those “who made the shortlist of players who mean the most to us.””A lifelong Tiger, Al was a true gentleman and one of the National Pastime’s most universally respected figures,” Manfred said. “I appreciated his friendship, humility and the example that he always set for others since he debuted as an 18 year old rookie.”Michigan reacts to Kaline’s deathNumerous baseball players, politicians and other athletes took to social media Monday to pay their respects to Kaline.”You were a living legend to the game of baseball, but also much more than that Cheap Jerseys free shipping.