Previously the department solely used the frequency

For nearly 35 minutes, they were absolutely fervent, lunging for every loose ball, snapping into every tackle, looking like world beaters (or, in this case, perhaps world drawers).Then Trent executes that little bit of magic (no less magical for the deflection), Bobby steals a wayward pass, and four minutes later, we’re up by two, the Turf Moor crazies are largely muted, and Sean Dyche is striding the touchline looking very much like a bewildered Louis CK.Loved the clean sheet.Adored the third for Bobby.Ecstatic about twelve points from four.Life is good.And yetWe need to talk about the contretemps, I think.One of the things I love the most about this Liverpool side is the way that, under Klopp, we seem immune to so much of the ego fueled bitchiness that pervades world class soccer. We’re not merely the best team, emphasis on best, we’re also the best team, emphasis on team.I’m guessing the Sadio/Mo scene played out much more vividly if you were watching on TV than it did if you were at Turf Moor. For the past couple years, I’ve brought along to the pub a small notebook, in which I occasionally jot down moments from the match I’d like to remember (it also serves, I’m sure, as a way to channel nervous energy)..

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