The infrastructure that Ford’s team set up was able

After interviewing more than 60 students, coaches and administrators in the cheerleading program, the school found that the coaches or should have known of inappropriate conduct by cheerleaders that, at a team retreat, team members demanded that others on the team perform tosses, in which people were thrown off a dock into a lake while topless or bottomless, and that this was done the view of at least some of the coaches that the coaches allowed team alumni to bring boats and alcohol to the retreat, and that team members drank on the boats while naked that coaches did not stop team members from bringing alcohol on the trip, and that some members got so intoxicated that they required medical treatment; and that, at a cheerleading camp in Tennessee, team members ordered others perform lewd chants and wear outfits that did not include underwear. Adviser and the coaches failed to stop a culture of hazing, alcohol use and public nudity at off campus activities where they were present, Monday said. Students deserve more cheap jerseys responsible leadership and the University of Kentucky demands it.

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