“The point here is that the general public who comes

“When he was first given the idea to go to St. Louis he was very hesitant,” said Gayle Esposito, Gaedel’s niece who was 5 years old when Gaedel died in 1961. “But the more (Veeck) talked, the more he stuck out his chest and the prouder he became. For some Republicans, the prospect of an election that is almost wholly a referendum on Trump is unnerving. Though the president’s base remains loyal, a significant portion of GOP voters view him skeptically on a range of personal qualities. He pulled many of those voters to his side in the 2016 election by drawing an aggressive contrast with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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Although there will still be four classes comprised of traditional 11 man programs, Classes A and D with eight and nine teams, respectively will each consist of one statewide league. Classes B and C will continue to have two regional divisions. Furthermore, eight man football will go from 10 to 26 teams in its second season.

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