The way I see it, the sales department is an engine

Think of this belief as a black hole of gravity that locks the behavior in place. So no matter how hard we try we can change it. And sometimes we do but the gravity is so strong it reverts back after a day, a week or a month.The way I see it, the sales department is an engine that keeps a business running; so it is no surprise that sales managers, business leaders, and salespeople stay up nights trying to figure out how to increase their sales effectiveness.

It would be nice to have a hand strap to hold the unit while operating it with the other. ModulR has this covered. A hand strap attaches to the back and holds securely for one handed operation. You guys are going to love this show. I told the guest just after we hung up from recording it, this is probably one of my favorite shows we’ve ever done. I think you guys are going to love it.

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