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Abusing drugs even prescription drugs can change how your brain works. Most people start by choosing to take these medications. But over time, the changes in your brain affect your self control and your ability to make good decisions. Of course, some blame also belongs to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to the Food and Drug Administration. The first of these agencies is supposed to protect us from this kind of pandemic, while the other is supposed to oversee the production of the drugs, vaccines and technologies that could save us from this nightmare. Let us never forget the crushing events that are unfolding before our eyes and the lives lost to this virus.

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It also underscores how fraught some of these categories really are. After all, “Mexican” by itself. Ten years later, it had disappeared. Dome Rock State Wildlife Area near Divide, and directly adjacent to Mueller State Park, is one nearby example, and not a unique one. Lake Pueblo State Park also directly adjoins not one, but two SWAs. In my previous column regarding this issue and the purchase of some acreage in what is now Dome Rock, some clarification: The land purchased by the Nature Conservancy amounts to less than 10 percent of the SWA, and it was then turned over to what at the time was the Division of Wildlife.

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