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I haven’t been in the past year or so but over the last several years I’ve been here and, as I’ve said, every time you walk in that great stadium you get that same feeling, and that’s part of the beauty of Man United and what sets Man United apart from other football clubs, and to be here talking to you with this in the background there’s nothing finer in the world.”When you first came to Old Trafford did it grab you straight away?”No question about it. You know, back in the US, football is not that big of a sport. You come here and this is what it’s all about, not only what you see on the pitch but also what you see in the stadium with the supporters, the passion and how much they care about their club and the connection with the club.

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It is a testament to Jamie character that he fought so hard to be around for the birth of his daughter and we are all so pleased that he made it. J you put so much effort into helping other people, now it your time to take a rest. Sleep easy mate.”.

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Mahinmi doesn’t particularly need the $133 a day food allowance, but having it presents a new temptation for a man with a sweet tooth. He has cut out sugar from his diet, helping him to lose weight, and he reads the nutritional facts on any purchase with the intensity of a dietitian. “I’m a big time chocolate guy,” he says.

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