When the child is born, it is the responsibility and

If you must go out during or soon after an El Ni event, wilderness experts say checking the weather forecast is the most important thing hikers can do.I would say our population is fairly conscious of weather related environment, said Nelson Trichler, an incident commander and 35 year veteran of the County Search and Rescue Team.always those that go out and are either ill prepared or they not aware of the weather. When we have heavy rains, we want to leave some hours after the rains if you do go hike. Most of the rain runs down hill and out of the creeks within a couple hours.Another time five years ago, Search and Rescue helicopters had to locate two Boy Scout troops with about 30 kids that were trapped in valley backcountry, surrounded by a raging Manzana River.my personal experience you going to get wet regardless of what you going to wear, Trichler said.the best Gore Tex materials will definitely leak.

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