You may think that this is a black hat technique and

Philip that remains an 8 man state record for catches in a game. He helped the Tigers reach the state semifinals that year, then moved over to quarterback as a senior and took the team even further, as the Tigers went 13 0 and captured a state championship in 2014. With their 1997 Class D state title in tow, Lawrence became the first and remains the only school in MHSAA history to win a championship at the 11 and 8 player levels..

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DEARFRANK: For one side of the brake pad to wear indicates the pad is not moving away from the rotor. A sticking caliper piston would cause both inner and outer pads to wear. I would check the caliper side pins and caliper bracket for wear. The good stress or ‘challenge stress’ as it is coined is the stress that allows us to achieve even under pressure. Whether your attending a job interview, giving a presentation, doing your driving test. It is the adrenaline that drives you on and helps you to focus.

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