That schools vary in size and facilities available

Older relatives and friends may now be spending their weeks holding a glass of wine rather than the hand of a loved one. It is cold comfort for those who may even be just around the corner; resigned to the thought of the person that they would usually have taken out for Sunday lunch at the local pub, now stuck between four walls. Yet we have more to worry about than how the stress and isolation of this time may be creating or exacerbating harmful drinking habits, which stretch on into the future.

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A close relative, in his late 70s, is extremely high risk (COPD, immune suppressed, previous lung damage, overweight, and numerous heath issues). His wife, also in her late 70s, also has a variety of health issues including lung damage. They had been babysitting their grandson on a regular basis since he was born 18 months ago, until they went on strict lock down in early March..

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