There are various strategies that you can put to use

When you factor in the timeline for the holidays as meaning the period before Thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s Day, it is easy to understand how many people are convinced that they do gain a “ton” of weight in the holiday season. But, according to most weight related studies, the actual amount gained during this time period is far less than what the average person is thinking it is. In other words, gaining a ton of weight is not caused by just the holidays but rather from how you eat for the entire year.

The fact is that it doesn’t matter how regular, powerful, or engaging your posts, tweets, and so forth are if you don’t have a big network of followers. You will learn through coaching that one of your first goals after establishing a presence on such sites is to get the word out and invite, even entice, others to follow you on these sites. There are various strategies that you can put to use to build up a following.

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